Le camp Arthur Savard

Centre récréotouristique

Camp Arthur Savard is an enchanting site that will please everyone. Composed of 8 buildings and an 80-foot long log cabin, the camp offers lodging with all the usual amenities. The site offers a restaurant, meeting and even reception services. In addition to being one of the most beautiful snowmobile and ATV relay, Camp Arthur Savard has snowshoeing trails, cross-country ski trails and fat bike trails. It is a historical place to discover.
The Recreation and Tourism Centre is ideal for the practice of your favorite outdoor activities. It is accessible to the general public and offers many services and facilities. Come practice your winter and summer activities at our place! Whether it's for a day or a stay, the camp team has all the amenities at its disposal to give you a warm welcome and make your experience unforgettable.

The Centre récréotouristique has been set up to offer an immersive experience of the loggers' lifestyle while revitalizing and developing tourism in the region. After more than 9 years of inactivity, the camp has been given a makeover and is ready to welcome you again!


Camp Arthur Savard takes its name from a famous lumberjack from Charlevoix whose praise can be heard through songs and stories. Mr. Arthur Savard was born in 1893. At a very young age, he left for the lumber camps where he became a lumberjack. His fame was woven with the cords of wood he logged. While everyone only made 2 to 3 cords a day, Arthur logged 5. This legendary lumberjack died on November 2, 1980, at the age of 87 in Pointe-au-Bic. 

Its construction

The camp was built by people from Charlevoix, most of whom were loggers, who were taught log building. Camp Arthur Savard celebrated its opening on December 21, 2001.